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Company Evaluation & Needs Assessment in Dallas - White Rock Lake

Company Evaluation and Needs Assessment

Regardless of the size or industry, every business organization needs a workplace drug and alcohol policy and a plan for pre-employment screening. Waiting until “ it’s too late” can hurt your organization – from the employees, to clients and customers, straight down to the bottom line.

Your company carries general liability insurance to protect from unforeseeable accidents or disaster. Think of a drug and alcohol policy as a sort of insurance policy against the risks of substance abuse in your workplace — as well as a plan for dealing proactively when unforeseen problems occur.

Luck Favors the Prepared

If your company has never experienced a drug-related employee challenge, consider yourself fortunate. Growth is the goal of every business. With growth inevitably comes growing pains. Business growth means more employees, and that’s a good thing. But more employees means greater likelihood that you will eventually have to deal with the fall-out from a potentially impaired or substance abusing worker. Luck favors the prepared.

Designing a workplace drug and alcohol policy is not only important for liability and bottom line purposes. It sends a message to all your employees about the type of organization where they work. Your best and most valuable employees will feel more secure knowing they will be insulated from the effects of an impaired co-worker. Secure employees means higher morale, and higher morale affects every aspect of your business, including the productivity and profitability.

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